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Understanding our easy-to-use stroller
5 strollers in one

Single from newborn to<br>4 years old, fully reclinable

Single from newborn to
4 years old, fully reclinable

The fully reclinable hamac makes lying down for a nap a breeze while the large canopy covers your baby from the sun.
Weight : less than 9kg
Dimensions open : single 85cm L x 47cm W x 104cm H / double 115cm L x 47cm W x 104cm H
Dimensions folded : 90cm L x 47cm W x 34cm H
Available in petrol blue & grey, grey & lemon, red & navy or all black.

Newborn bassinet with canopy

Newborn bassinet with canopy

A cosy and chic bassinet with a removable canopy allows you to carry your baby everywhere you go.

Easy to remove from the stroller, it is the perfect little bed for baby's first months.

Double postion with foldaway seat

Double postion with foldaway seat

In one click, the rail comes down and an amazing hidden foldaway seat slides out instantly from under the main seat to make room for a second child whenever and wherever you need.

Bassinet with foldaway seat

Bassinet with foldaway seat

Stroll around with baby comfortably installed and big sister or brother sitting just in front.

No more hassle of an extra stroller or a skateboard attached behind, the limo does it all!

Bassinet with extra storage case

Bassinet with extra storage case

Even with only one child, you can use the bassinet and enjoy having extra storage space in front for groceries or any shopping you feel like doing.

2 storage spaces are better than 1. The extra case folds flat and can be carried like a shopper.

Easy and compact fold

Easy and compact fold

In 2 quick steps, your stroller folds and slips into any small space you need, even the tiniest of trunks.

Pull the handle to unlock and open just as easily.