This incredible and unique stroller will revolutionize your parenting life

The only compact

all in one stroller

on the market.

A French innovation.


How it works

Discovering our easy-to-use stroller

7 strollers in 1

poussette simple compacte evolutive

Single from newborn to 4 years old, fully reclinable


The perfect stroller for every child, with 3 positions including a fully flat position to sleep comfortably anywhere. The window on the canopy allows the parent to see their child at all times. The limo folds and unfolds in one quick step and slips into any small space you need, even the tiniest of trunks or elevators.


  • Dimensions open : single 95cm L x 49cm W x 108cm H                                                                     double 112cm L x 49cm W x 108cm H
  • Dimensions folded : 93cm L x 49cm W x 37cm H


Available in petrol blue, carbon grey, berry red or black.

Double with foldaway seat


 In one click, the chassis opens and an amazing hidden foldaway seat slides out from under the main seat to make room for a second child whenever and wherever you need.


This amazing foldaway seat is a true second seat, for any child from 12 months old to 15kg. Your older child can sit comfortably in the front, and safely thanks to the 5 point harness. The perfect compact tandem stroller.

limo poussette double compacte pour enfants ages rapproches
poussette simple avec cabas evolutive pour enfants rapproches

Single with shopping tote


Grocery shopping with your child just got easier. In addition to the extra large basket underneath the stroller, you can add whatever you want in the shopping tote in front which will take up to 15kg as well. 


This practical tote bag can also be used with the carry cot. 

Single in limo mode


Pull open the chassis to expand the legroom in a second. Your child can sleep as comfortably as in his bed.

poussette simple compacte evolutive avec lit d'appoint
poussette simple compacte evolutive dès la naissance avec couffin nouveau ne

Newborn carry cot with canopy


A cosy and chic carry cot with a removable canopy allows you to carry your baby everywhere you go. Easy to remove from the stroller, it is the perfect little bed for baby’s first months.

Carry cot with foldaway seat


Stroll around with baby comfortably installed and big sister or brother sitting just in front. No more hassle of an extra stroller or a skateboard attached behind, the limo does it all!

poussette limo double compacte avec strapontin pour enfants rapproches
poussette simple et double avec pliage compact

One second fold and unfold


In one click, the limo folds and stands alone to fit into the smallest spaces, even the tiniest trunks and elevators.


Drag it along like a trolly, the limo follows you anywhere. 

Innovative accessories


Discover a new and totally unique scooter holder that will change your life! Forget the hassle of holding your child’s scooter when he’s tired and wants to sit in the stroller. You simple click the scooter handle bar to the scooter holder put on the side tube and let the limo do it all for you.


A practical flat folded tote bag that can hold up to 15kg groceries or anything you need.


The parasol and cupholder will fit your every need since they can be placed anywhere. Either in the front for the older child, in the middle for the younger one or on the handlebar for yourself! Easy and modular, the limo has it all !


Finally a stroller designed and conceived by a mom for parents all around the world.

The limo is a new unique and totally innovative stroller, patented with a telescopic frame and hidden foldaway seat under the main seat that allows the stroller to go from single to double in seconds without adding any extra parts.

Simply expand the frame and pull out the foldaway seat! The limo becomes a tandem stroller whenever and wherever you need it. 

No more choosing who gets to sit and who walks, the limo can be single, double, extra storage or even a bed! 7 different configurations allow everyone to have their ideal stroller, all in one.

Many accessories come complete the limo… a shopping tote for anything you wish to carry, a parasol to protect both children in back and front from the sun… a cupholder that can be placed just about anywhere… and an amazing and unique scooter attachment that will save you from carrying your child’s scooter when he doesn’t want it anymore!

logo-sigle copie

The limo story

“With 3 young children, even the shortest journeys around the neighborhood or Sunday strolls can be a challenge. The idea to create the limo came one day when my second daughter refused to walk, saying that it was too long and too tiring. If only I had a second seat hidden away somewhere in this stroller that I could just pull out when I need…”

Benedicte Perrotfounder of the Limo

After four years of design, concept and engineering, the limo (first limousine stroller) is born. Named after my 3 children Victoire, Diane and Amaury, VIDIAMO was an obvious choice of a name for the brand. The idea was to have a compact single stroller and adding a foldaway seat that can come out whenever you need it. 

Used as a second seat, a bed, a changing table or for extra storage, anything can be done with a limo. Extremely practical and easy to use, the limo stretches out for any type of situation. A revolution for parents who want everything combined in a design, compact lightweight stroller. More than a stroller, its a new way of life! 


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